Customized just for you.

Jewelry is not only a form of adornment and self-expression, it is a part of one's family history, and a form of portable wealth. It represents the happiest and sometimes the saddest moments in our lives, can represent our personal achievements, tell others where we went to college or university, indicates our religious beliefs, and even some believe jewelry can heal your body. It can tell others, without a word, how we view ourselves. 

When I was 3, I started up a rock collection inspired by my grandfather and grew an interest in gemstones. As I learned more about them and how to make jewelry, I developed a passion for it.

My grandparents were always attending craft shows and sold their pieces in craft shows all across Ontario. And when they passed away, I took over their remaining crafts. 

 January, 2014, I created this site.

Check back soon for new updates to the site. There's much more to come!